Advertising on KROB just makes sense. Internet radio listeners are more likely to be employed full time, more likely to make over $100,000, and more likely to have a college degree.

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  • You’re making a DIRECT CONNECTION with engaged listeners!
  • On average, KROB listeners spend between 1-4 hours with us!
  • The message gets heard, even if the browser is minimized!

36% of Smartphone Owners Tune In To Internet Radio On Their Devices
Smartphones are being used more commonly as music-listening devices, details The NPD Group in new survey results. 56% of smartphone owners say they use their device for music-listening, and 65% of those report using internet radio, meaning that overall, more than 1 in 3 smartphone owners are using internet radio on their devices.

About the Data: To obtain its data, an online survey was fielded to more than 2,300 consumers who are part of NPD’s online consumer panel. The results were balanced to represent U.S. adult demographics.

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